How do I log in?

Why can't I log in?

How do I reset/update my password?

What do all of these links do?

What is this "Advanced" button?

Can I use the software without a full purchase?

What is your refund policy?

Can I change my email?

How do I cancel?

How do I give an assistant or team member access to my account?

My payment failed. Now what?

My replay didn't show up, what do I do?

What equipment do I need to run my webinar?

How can I upgrade/downgrade?

I want to talk to a live person on the phone, how do I set up a call?

Do you have breakout rooms?

How many people can join my webinar?

How long can my webinars be?

What are the minimum technical requirements to host a webinar?

Can I host multiple webinars simultaneously within the same account?

Does WebinarJam provide white labeling options?

Can I add or delete a session?

Is WebinarJam GDPR compliant?

Is WebinarJam HIPAA compliant?

Does WebinarJam include built-in templates for Registration pages?

Can I do automated, hybrid, or evergreen webinars with this service?

What is the difference between WebinarJam and EverWebinar?

What translations are offered in WebinarJam?

Does WebinarJam integrate with other software?

Does WebinarJam have a "Panic Button"?

Can I install and run a live WebinarJam webinar through my website?

Can I add presenters? 

What forms of payment do you accept?

Can I blend screen sharing, web camera, and pre-recorded videos into a single webinar?

Can I use WebinarJam for small meetings effectively?

Can I get my "Own Room" that's always on anytime I want?

Can I charge for a webinar?

What department do I submit my Helpdesk ticket to?

What is the difference between WebinarJam and EverWebinar?

Can the viewer tell if it’s live or recorded?

Can I use EverWebinar without WebinarJam?

What integrations does EverWebinar have?

What is a One-Click Registration Hotlink?

Can I charge for an automated webinar?

Can I create a Real Time experience with Chat?

How can I cancel my subscription or update my credit card?

Can I Use my WebinarJam session in EverWebinar?

Can I easily create automated marketing and webinar campaigns? YES!

What External Video Sources can I use with EverWebinar?

How do I make pre-recorded webinars feel live without WebinarJam?

How can I make EverWebinar really be a live webinar?

Will WJ/EW send text messages and emails for me?

Can I use my own landing pages or pages from another software provider?

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